Another Bluebird Egg-That Makes Four

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Apr 162015

Mom bluebird laid her fourth egg this morning. She arranges them in the nestbox so that they are all touching.  Will there be a fifth tomorrow?

Three Bluebird Eggs

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Apr 152015
Mr. Bluebird

Mr. Bluebird

This morning mom laid the third egg.  Dad looks into the box and flaps his wing-he is so proud. We put meal worms on the walk near the bluebird nestbox and they both come to eat.  Will update tomorrow.

Two Egg Tuesday

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Apr 142015

The second bluebird egg was laid this Tuesday morning.  I watched mom enter the house and 8:15 and exit at 8:55. I knew what that meant!  I was right-after inspecting the nest box with my dental mirror and flashlight I verified that egg #2 was present.

First Bluebird Egg Was Laid Today!

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Apr 132015

Today the the bluebird laid her first egg. We suspected that she had because the bluebirds were hanging around in the area most of the day-keeping an eye on the box.

Last week she worked on the nest until Wednesday-so that was 4 days of work.