Second Nest Complete-New Bluebird Eggs

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May 052015

The bluebirds completed the nest last week. Yesterday bluebird egg number one was laid and today the second egg was laid in the bluebird nestbox.  We have installed a wren guard on this box. If it is successful we will share the design in another post.

An update on the other boxes:

The box with the five black-capped chickadee eggs was destroyed by the house wren on Sunday. Right now there is a fight for this box between the black-capped chickadee and the house wren. The house wren is bringing in nesting material, but the chickadee keeps looking and going into the box. A few minutes ago the house wren brought in material and while she was in the nestbox the black-capped chickadee was hanging on the outside looking in!  We have never had so much drama at a nestbox before.

The tree swallows have nested in another nestbox-let’s hope the predators will stay away.





Bad News At The Bluebird Box

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Apr 262015

Early this morning things seemed normal at the bluebird nestbox, but after lunch we saw mom bluebird coming out of the box and flying away in a different direction than she normally would. We looked in the box and found that there was only one egg left in the box. We did see a little bit of blood and were worried that one of the parents may have been hurt, but they both seemed fine. The remaining egg did not appear to be damaged so we were hopeful that we might still have one bluebird hatchling.  This evening our hopes were dashed when, after eating the mealworms, the male bluebird looked in the nestbox a few times, but the female did not go in and they both flew away. Five minutes later I saw a bird throw something out of the nestbox and then threw nesting material out. We went outside and a house wren flew out. We saw the bluebird egg on the ground under the nestbox. It had been pecked, so there was no chance of it surviving.

In the past we have had a house wren in a box on the other side of the house, but this year a black-capped chickadee has laid five eggs (as of today)  in it. Maybe the culprit house wren is the one that used to nest in that box. We will never know, but we aren’t too happy with the house wren.

It is a very sad day, nature can be so cruel sometimes.


The Bluebirds Enjoy A Meal Together

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Apr 232015
Mr. Bluebird Feeds Mrs. Bluebird

Mr. Bluebird Feeds Mrs. Bluebird

The male bluebird takes a piece of mealworm to mom.  Judging by how wide her mouth is open she is expecting a big meal!

Mom bluebird continues to incubate the eggs in the nestbox which is a good thing since the temperatures have dropped into the 40’s and we even had a few snow flakes today.

The bluebirds continue to stay very close to the nestbox and he chases away any birds that get too close.



Looks Like The Brood Is Complete-Five Bluebird Eggs

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Apr 182015
Dad Bluebird 4-17-15

Dad Bluebird 4-17-15

Looks like mom bluebird has completed her brood. There are five blue eggs in the box.  She is spending more time in the nestbox and dad is usually nearby. Just a few minutes ago, while we were enjoying the beautiful day from the sunporch, dad flew to the ground, snagged a cricket and took it into the nestbox for mom.

While we wait the 12 to 16 days for the bluebirds to hatch we will write about our experience with the bluebirds over the past five years.

Mom Bluebird 4-17-15

Mom Bluebird 4-17-15

Three Bluebird Eggs

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Apr 152015
Mr. Bluebird

Mr. Bluebird

This morning mom laid the third egg.  Dad looks into the box and flaps his wing-he is so proud. We put meal worms on the walk near the bluebird nestbox and they both come to eat.  Will update tomorrow.