The Bluebird Family Prospers

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Jun 192015

The Bluebird family continues to do well. We have seen mom and dad bluebird with four babies. It looks like there may be two males and two females.

The mother bluebird has begun to build another nest in the bluebird nestbox by our sunporch. The baby bluebirds are perching on the beam right by the nestbox.

We put mealworms down on the sidewalk near the sunporch and call the bluebirds. The baby bluebirds won’t land until mom or dad has checked it out. What is really funny is that after mom and dad fly away the babies will eat the mealworms by themselves, but as soon as mom or dad lands, the babies will start chirping and open their mouths real wide!


Male bluebird lands

Dad Bluebird Landing

Mom, Dad and Baby Bluebirds

The Bluebird Family



Looks Like The Brood Is Complete-Five Bluebird Eggs

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Apr 182015
Dad Bluebird 4-17-15

Dad Bluebird 4-17-15

Looks like mom bluebird has completed her brood. There are five blue eggs in the box.  She is spending more time in the nestbox and dad is usually nearby. Just a few minutes ago, while we were enjoying the beautiful day from the sunporch, dad flew to the ground, snagged a cricket and took it into the nestbox for mom.

While we wait the 12 to 16 days for the bluebirds to hatch we will write about our experience with the bluebirds over the past five years.

Mom Bluebird 4-17-15

Mom Bluebird 4-17-15

Another Bluebird Egg-That Makes Four

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Apr 162015

Mom bluebird laid her fourth egg this morning. She arranges them in the nestbox so that they are all touching.  Will there be a fifth tomorrow?

Three Bluebird Eggs

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Apr 152015
Mr. Bluebird

Mr. Bluebird

This morning mom laid the third egg.  Dad looks into the box and flaps his wing-he is so proud. We put meal worms on the walk near the bluebird nestbox and they both come to eat.  Will update tomorrow.

Two Egg Tuesday

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Apr 142015

The second bluebird egg was laid this Tuesday morning.  I watched mom enter the house and 8:15 and exit at 8:55. I knew what that meant!  I was right-after inspecting the nest box with my dental mirror and flashlight I verified that egg #2 was present.