Three Bluebird Eggs

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Apr 152015
Mr. Bluebird

Mr. Bluebird

This morning mom laid the third egg.  Dad looks into the box and flaps his wing-he is so proud. We put meal worms on the walk near the bluebird nestbox and they both come to eat.  Will update tomorrow.

Two Egg Tuesday

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Apr 142015

The second bluebird egg was laid this Tuesday morning.  I watched mom enter the house and 8:15 and exit at 8:55. I knew what that meant!  I was right-after inspecting the nest box with my dental mirror and flashlight I verified that egg #2 was present.

First Bluebird Egg Was Laid Today!

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Apr 132015

Today the the bluebird laid her first egg. We suspected that she had because the bluebirds were hanging around in the area most of the day-keeping an eye on the box.

Last week she worked on the nest until Wednesday-so that was 4 days of work.




Day Three of Bluebird Nest Building

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Apr 072015
The Supervisor

The Supervisor

The female bluebird continues to build the nest. She has been working for three days and has brought quite of variety of dried grass and twigs to the box.  It is amazing how much material she will carry into the box each time. Once she had a huge mouthful and she was having a hard time getting through the opening. On the 6th attempt she started a fair distance away and headed full speed into the hole!

No Rest For Bluebirds on Easter Sunday

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Apr 052015
Bluebird Couple

Bluebird Couple

First Day Material

First Day Material


The bluebirds have finally decided on a box to build their nest in this year. They have chosen the one right outside our kitchen window so we will be able to keep an eye on them. This will be the fourth year we have had bluebirds nesting in our boxes. Over the coming weeks we will post updates on their progress.