Jun 122015

As noted in my prior post-the bluebirds fledged on Sunday, June 7th.  On Wednesday, June 10 we saw that Mom and Dad bluebird were around, so we fed them mealworms and watched as Mom loaded them up in her mouth:

Bluebird with Mealworms

Mom Bluebird Stocks Up

She then flew into a very large sycamore tree:

Bluebird Tree

Sycamore Tree with Bluebirds

After seeing where she landed we were able to get a few pictures of the bluebird babies:

Bluebird Baby With Mom Bluebird

Mom Bluebird with Bluebird Baby

2 Bluebird Babies

Two Bluebird Babies

Bluebird Baby

Baby Bluebird

2 Bluebird Babies Singing

Two Baby Bluebirds Singing

Three Bluebird Babies

Three Baby Bluebirds


The next day, Thursday, June 11th we spotted one of the baby bluebirds on the barn roof:


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