Mar 212011

As the video shows I am so grateful for family time and being about to teach the kids about bird watching. Click here for a great book about bird watching for kids.


  3 Responses to “I Love Bird Watching”

  1. […] Bird Feeder A peregrine falcon using the nest box on the 14th floor of One Capital Center in Boise laid her first egg today (April 7). The Peregrine Fund made the announcement after seeing the egg this morning. […]

  2. […] Bird Feeder Suddenly I realized why that owl was in this spot on the map. Not far away from him and a little below was one bird feeder, and another was located a little distant from that one. […]

  3. […] Bird Feeder Recycle an old milk carton into a birdfeeder and welcome your feathered friends to your yard. […]

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