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Welcome to Your Bird Feeder, an informational website for those interested in bird feeders including a hummingbird feeder, a squirrel proof bird feeder, a wild bird feeder, a garden bird feeder, feeding birds and birds in general.

Five years ago I set-up my first hummingbird feeder and I was hooked!  The entertainment that this one bird feeder provided lead to my curiosity of what other birds I could attract to my yard.  Now I want to share with you what I have learned.
At yourbirdfeeder.com I strive to provide great tips and information on the proper placement of your bird feeder, the different types of feeders, seeds and the birds they attract.  I offer ideas on how to squirrel proof your bird feeder, properly maintain your bird feeder and many more tips about birds.

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  1. I love bird watching and can always use extra tips about attracting birds to my yard..I like what I see on this site and will certainly follow it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog…. Vetsy of Vetsy’s View

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog!


  3. Thanks for stopping by the Teaching Readers to Think blog. I love bird watching! I am anxious to check your tips and feeders out! Thanks for sharing. Pam